What are the main classifications of smoke alarms?


When it comes to smoke alarms, we should be very famili […]

When it comes to smoke alarms, we should be very familiar with them, and we can see them on many occasions. And, now the smoke alarm has gradually entered the ordinary family, in the kitchen to set up a smoke alarm is not a rare thing. So we know that smoke alarm is so widely used, for the main classification of smoke alarm what degree of understanding? Today we are going to introduce the two main categories of smoke alarms.

The first type: ionic smoke alarm

The ionic smoke detector uses an ionization chamber to sense the smoke in the environment with the radioactive element americium 241 (Am241) with an intensity of 0.8 microcurie. The main principle is that in the normal environment of the ion smoke alarm, the electric field of the whole ion chamber is in a balanced state, but once there is smoke into the ionization chamber of the ion smoke alarm, the balance of the electric field is broken, when the concentration of smoke exceeds the preset value of danger, the equipment will automatically alarm to play a warning role.

Ionic smoke detectors are more sensitive to tiny smoke particles, and can be equalized to all kinds of gray smoke or black smoke. Some places are prone to open fire situations, there will be more tiny particles. At this time, the alarm response speed of ionic smoke alarm is faster, so if it is more prone to open fire in the environment, it is recommended to install ionic smoke alarm.

The second type: photoelectric smoke alarm

The photoelectric smoke detector detects smoke through an infrared tube inside an optical maze. If it is in the normal state, the infrared receiving tube will not receive infrared light from the infrared transmitting tube, and the device remains stable. But once smoke enters the device's optical maze, it will be refracted and reflected, and the receiving tube will sense infrared light. When the level of infrared light exceeds the threshold set by the smart alarm circuit, an alarm will be sounded.

Photoelectric smoke detectors detect larger smoke particles more clearly and react more quickly. That is to say, if there is a smoldering fire and smoke in an environment, the reaction speed of the photoelectric smoke alarm will be faster than that of the ionic smoke alarm. It is more appropriate to install the photoelectric smoke alarm in an environment prone to smoldering.

These two types of smoke alarm not only work in very different principles, and for different situations the response speed is also different, therefore, if you want to choose a smoke alarm, you can consider setting the environment and dangerous objects to decide. If you want the benefits of both devices to be compatible, consider installing both smoke alarms.