What does a smoke alarm work?


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In order to prevent fire, hospitals, hotels and other public places are now equipped with smoke detectors. If there is a smoke alarm in the room, it can prevent the fire from happening and stifle the flames in the cradle. So what exactly is the principle of smoke alarm? How does it detect smoke in the air?

First, what is the principle of smoke alarm

1. There is an ion chamber inside the smoke alarm. When it is indoors, it can emit ionization, produce positive and negative ions, and move under the action of electric field. If there is no fire, the current and voltage of the ionization chamber are relatively stable.

2, but if there is smoke in the room, it will interfere with the normal operation of electric particles, the current and voltage will change, it will destroy the balance, the emitter will send an alarm signal, and will notify the host, so the alarm signal will be passed out.

Can I smoke if there is a smoke alarm in the room

1. If the smoke alarm is installed indoors, it can also smoke, but we need to pay attention to the concentration. And when smoking, had better want to open the window, conduce to air circulation.

2. If it is in the closed state and the air is not circulating, the concentration of smoke will exceed a certain range. Once it reaches a certain standard, the smoke purifier will issue a warning sound.

2, because the smoke alarm has such a principle, it can judge the smoke emitted by the fire, and alarm, and the performance is relatively stable. And the appearance is also more beautiful, simple installation, after the successful installation, also do not need to go through debugging, it can be installed in some hotels or Internet cafes, personnel more dense places, used for fire safety monitoring.

Three, smoke alarm installation in which position is better

Smoke alarms generally can be installed in the living room or bedroom, because in these places, the flow of people is relatively large, so the significance of the alarm will be more significant. If it is installed in an area that produces little or no smoke at all, there is no point in calling the police even if there is a fire.

According to its principle, it is very important to understand the smoke alarm. It is important to pay attention to the location of the indoor installation. If there is smoke, it is necessary to install it.