Do you only have clinical manifestations of acute carbon monoxide poisoning (2)?


  Second, acute carbon monoxide poisoning delayed […]


Second, acute carbon monoxide poisoning delayed encephalopathy (neuropsychiatric post-morbidity)

Patients with acute carbon monoxide poisoning may experience one of the following clinical manifestations after a "false recovery period" of about 2 to 60 days after the disturbance of consciousness recovers:

①Mental disturbance of consciousness: showing dementia, stupor, delusional state or de-cerebral cortex state;

②Extrapyramidal nerve disorder: palsy tremor syndrome (apathy, increased muscle tone in the limbs, resting tremor, forward gait) due to damage to the basal ganglia and globus pallidus;

③ Pyramidal nerve damage: such as hemiplegia, positive pathological reflex or urinary incontinence;

④Focal dysfunction of cerebral cortex: such as aphasia, blindness, inability to stand and secondary epilepsy;

⑤ Cranial nerve and peripheral nerve damage: such as optic atrophy, Xin nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy.