How to choose an alarm?


First of all, choose whether it is industrial or domest […]

First of all, choose whether it is industrial or domestic according to your application. If it is for household use, choose electrochemical or semiconductor according to the requirements for carbon monoxide alarms. It is generally recommended to choose electrochemical carbon monoxide alarms. At the same time, when purchasing, it is recommended not to buy gas alarms with many gaps on the surface, especially those with a large number of gaps of more than one millimeter, because the surface gap is large, and it is easy for dust and small insects to enter the alarm, a large amount of dust or small Insects can block the air intake of the carbon monoxide sensor, affecting the accuracy of the carbon monoxide alarm.

New model KD-125A Mini Smoke Alarm

Ordinary users do not have professional equipment, how to check whether the carbon monoxide alarm is sensitive? You can place a carbon monoxide alarm at the exhaust port of a car below Euro II emission to see if it will alarm, because the exhaust gas of cars below Euro II emission often contains excessive carbon monoxide gas.

How can ordinary users check whether the carbon monoxide alarm will be falsely reported, and what they bought is indeed a carbon monoxide alarm instead of being deceived and bought a gas alarm? Just try it with the gas in the lighter. If the lighter does not ignite, let it out for one to two minutes to see if it alarms. The alarm is the gas alarm, and the carbon monoxide alarm is not.