Do you know about online carbon monoxide alarms?


The online carbon monoxide detection alarm consists of […]

The online carbon monoxide detection alarm consists of a gas detection alarm controller and a fixed carbon monoxide detector. The gas detection alarm controller can be placed in the duty room to monitor and control each monitoring point. The carbon monoxide detector is installed in the place where the gas is most likely to leak. , and its core component is a gas sensor.

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The carbon monoxide detector converts the carbon monoxide concentration detected by the sensor into an electrical signal, and transmits it to the gas detection alarm controller through the cable. The higher the gas concentration, the stronger the electrical signal. When the gas concentration reaches or exceeds the alarm point set by the alarm controller , The gas detection alarm controller issues an alarm signal, and can start external equipment such as solenoid valves and exhaust fans to automatically eliminate hidden dangers.

Online carbon monoxide detection alarms are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, coal mines, water plants and other environments to effectively prevent explosion accidents.