What to do when the alarm sounds?


What to do when the alarm sounds? To determine if anyon […]

What to do when the alarm sounds?

To determine if anyone in your home has symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning:

Common mild symptoms: mild headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue

Common Moderate Symptoms: Headache, drowsiness, confusion, rapid heart rate

Common extreme symptoms: Convulsions, loss of consciousness, heart and lung failure, can cause brain damage and death

Carbon monoxide can be deadly! If the alarm sounds:

1) Turn off the burner and gas supply system.

2) Immediately go to the fresh air—outdoors or open doors and windows, and count the number of people; do not enter the room again until the emergency personnel arrive, the house is safely ventilated, and the alarm system returns to normal.

3) If the alarm alarms again within 24 hours, repeat steps 1)-2), and find a qualified technician to investigate the carbon monoxide source from the combustion equipment, check whether the equipment is operating correctly, if any problems are found during the inspection, Please repair the device immediately.