What are the unique features of the gas alarm?


⑴ Newly added sensor drift automatic compensation funct […]

⑴ Newly added sensor drift automatic compensation function, which truly prevents false alarms and false positives
⑵Alarm failure prompt function, so that users can replace and repair, and prevent non-reporting
⑶ MCU full control, the working temperature is -40 degrees to 80 degrees
⑷Integrated: It is integrated with the decoration of the house without destroying any beauty
⑸Easy installation: It is exactly the same as the ordinary wall socket switch and can be replaced

Gas Alarm HS-109B

The gas alarm is composed of a detector and an alarm control host. It is widely used in petrochemical industries such as petroleum, gas, chemical industry, and oil depots where toxic gases exist. It is used to detect leakage in indoor and outdoor dangerous places. instrument. When there is toxic gas in the measured place, the detector converts the gas signal into a voltage signal or current signal and transmits it to the alarm instrument, and the instrument displays the percentage concentration value of the lower limit of the toxic gas explosion. When the concentration of toxic gas exceeds the alarm setting value, an audible and visual alarm signal prompts, and the personnel on duty take safety measures in time to avoid explosion accidents.