Do you know what the construction wiring diagram of a gas alarm looks like?


The controller is connected to the detector with a thre […]

The controller is connected to the detector with a three-core shielded wire (note: the single-core wire diameter is not less than 0.75mm national standard wire, depending on the actual distance), and the shielding layer is connected to the controller casing and grounded reliably. When RVV cables are used, metal pipes should be used and the metal pipes should be reliably grounded.

Water Alarm KD-112

Refer to the controller and detector wiring diagram, connect the corresponding terminals of the controller and detector
Connect the input controller terminal with the detector terminal correspondingly
Connection between output terminals and linkage equipment
When inductive equipment such as exhaust fans meet the conditions of less than or equal to 5A/220VAV,
It can be directly connected to the output terminal, but try to avoid the direct connection of the load device to the output terminal. When the load device is greater than 5A/220VAV, an external transfer device must be connected;
Controllers and detectors must be reliably grounded;
When performing various installation operations, it is necessary to cut off the power first, otherwise the host may be burned.
Detectors for use with controllers
The detectors used with the controller are: point gas detectors