What are the special requirements for smoke detectors?


1. Install a smoke detector every 25-40 square meters i […]

1. Install a smoke detector every 25-40 square meters in the room, and install a smoke detector 0.5-2.5 meters above important equipment.
2. Choose a suitable installation area and fix the seat with screws, connect the color of the smoke detector and screw it on the seat.
3. Draw two holes on the ceiling or wall according to the holes of the mounting bracket.
4. Drill two holes according to the two hole positions.

Mini Smoke Alarm
5. Insert two plastic pegs into the two holes, and then attach the back of the mounting bracket to the wall.
6. Insert and tighten the mounting screws until the mounting bracket is removed firmly.
7. The detector is a closed device and is not allowed to be opened. Please insert the battery into the compartment on the back of the device.
8. Put the back of the detector against the installation position and turn it clockwise. And make sure that the two screw heads have been slid into the waist hole. Press the test button lightly to see if the detector is working properly.