Are Gas Alarms Really Important? what's the effect?


Gas alarms are generally judged by detecting the concen […]

Gas alarms are generally judged by detecting the concentration of leaked carbon monoxide gas; gas alarms are generally judged by detecting the concentration of leaked combustible gases such as alkanes, olefins, and aromatics. (lighters, electrical switches, static electricity, high-frequency signals, etc.) gas explosions (such as poor ventilation in coal mines are prone to gas explosions), causing great harm.

Do people really not have a thorough solution to the various accident threats caused by gas leakage? According to relevant experts, the use of gas leakage alarms is one of the important means to deal with invisible gas killers. Gas experts pointed out that a large amount of carbon monoxide produced by gas leakage or exhaust emission is the root cause of gas poisoning incidents. If a gas leakage alarm is used, a timely warning can be obtained. Relevant departments have also concluded through long-term tests that the effective rate of gas alarms to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning accidents is more than 95%.

Gas Alarm HS-109B

Gas alarms used in industrial sites need to withstand the influence of various harsh environments and atmospheres, especially fixed sensors, long-term continuous operation, and restrictions on explosion-proof and power supply capacity, so the requirements for its technical indicators are very strict. Speaking of judging the indicators and performance of gas detectors, it is generally inspected from the following aspects. which is:
1. Detection range and resolution;
2. Detection accuracy and repeatability;
3. Stability and zero drift;
4. Response time and recovery time;
5. Selectivity and anti-interference ability;
6. Safety and explosion-proof performance;
⒎ power consumption;
8. Anti-environment (temperature and humidity) influence ability;
9. Poison resistance and longevity;
⒑ Interchangeability and easy maintenance.
Household gas alarms should focus on choosing products with strong brands to add a guarantee to the safety of the family environment.