Carbon monoxide alarm construction wiring?


Carbon monoxide alarm construction wiring? Connect the […]

Carbon monoxide alarm construction wiring?

Connect the input terminal of the controller to the terminal of the detector correspondingly

Refer to the wiring diagram of the controller and the detector, and connect the controller to the corresponding terminals of the detector.

Carbon monoxide alarms are suitable for places where flammable gases and toxic gases exist, such as gas, petroleum, chemical, fire protection, metallurgy, hotels, mines, etc. This product can effectively avoid fire, explosion, poisoning and other personal casualties and property losses caused by the leakage of flammable gas.

The carbon monoxide alarm also has the function of controlling peripheral equipment (such as exhaust fan, safety valve), and can output signal voltage while alarming, open the exhaust device and close the safety solenoid valve. After the reset button is pressed, the safety solenoid valve is turned on and the monitoring state is re-entered. The monitoring environment of each detector is 8-15 square meters, and the user can choose different specifications according to the area of ​​the monitored environment.

The controller adopts a three-core shielded wire to connect with the detector (note: the diameter of the single-core wire is not less than 0.75mm2 national standard wire), and the shielding layer is connected to the controller casing and reliably grounded. When using an RVV cable, it should wear a metal tube and connect the metal tube to the chassis and then reliably ground it.