What should I do if I hear the alarm response?


1. Please open the doors and windows immediately, turn […]

1. Please open the doors and windows immediately, turn off the hazardous gas source, and do not turn on or off any electrical switches.
2. Immediately report to the gas management department and have it checked and dealt with by professionals.
3. After being handled by professionals, the alarm should be ventilated.

Combustible Gas Detection Alarm KD-212LA
Emergency treatment:
When the detector alarms due to gas leakage and the automatic cut-off device is used, do not turn on the lights or switch on any electrical appliances; immediately open the window for ventilation, and after the red alarm indicator light of the detector goes out, find out and confirm the cause of the gas leakage (unable to When confirming the cause, you should contact the relevant gas company to deal with it) and eliminate it. Confirm that the detector does not continue to alarm (the gas does not continue to leak), press the manual switch to open the automatic cut-off device to restore the gas. Do not arbitrarily touch the power of the household gas alarm to prevent the detector from working normally.