Do you know how carbon monoxide alarms work?


Carbon monoxide is produced when coal or any carbonaceo […]

Carbon monoxide is produced when coal or any carbonaceous material is not completely burned. Carbon monoxide inhalation can cause immediate death in severe cases, and chronic poisoning in mild cases. Gas poisoning is usually referred to as carbon monoxide poisoning. Non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning deaths are the third largest accident in my country after traffic fatalities and production accidents.
working principle
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The carbon monoxide gas alarm uses a carbon monoxide sensor to convert the concentration signal of carbon monoxide gas in the air into a weak current or voltage signal, and then through one or two stages of signal amplification, it is transmitted to the single-chip microcomputer for signal comparison and processing. Sound and light alarm signal, drive LED light, horn or buzzer.

Carbon monoxide alarm with 10Y sealed battery LM-201D