Eliminate frequent fire accidents, and smoke alarms become home fire weapons


In recent years, fire accidents have occurred frequentl […]

In recent years, fire accidents have occurred frequently and it is impossible to prevent them. Every accident is accompanied by a broken family. Every fire scene is shocking, life is ruthless, and life is priceless. In today's highly developed technology, whether early warning of fires can be made to reduce the loss of life and property caused by fires, so the smoke alarm becomes a tool for home fire protection.

According to the statistical analysis of the National Fire Protection Association, it is concluded that in the event of a fire, the occupancy of a residential person with a smoke alarm is 50% higher than that of an unmounted home. The fire is fiercer than the tiger, and the danger is discovered one second earlier, so there is more chance of survival. It is extremely urgent to raise people's awareness of fire protection and vigorously promote the development of intelligent smoke safety equipment.

The fire-fighting task, the ancients have it, the husband patrols the streets and lanes in the middle of the night, knocking on the drums, shouting "Dry dry, careful fire candle", then the fire completely depends on "human defense", can only be "doing things, listening to the fate"; now, With the rapid development of science and technology, "technical defense" has already realized intelligent monitoring and alarm functions, and learned the fire safety situation in advance, and killed the fire in the "sprout" stage.

On the afternoon of September 7, a fire broke out in a residential building in Fengtai District, Beijing. The Beijing News reporter learned from Beijing Firefighting that the fire-fighting furniture and carton fire had been extinguished at 14:27, and no one was trapped or killed.

A merchant in the 4th district of Fangqun Park in Fengtai District told the reporter that the fire broke out in Building No. 1 in Zone 4. At that time, he suddenly heard a loud noise, "Why did the thing explode", and later found that the house in the residential building was on fire. "The smell of charred is very unpleasant, and there is a lot of black smoke inside the house. It takes about two or three minutes for the black smoke to slowly dissipate.

The modern fire situation is getting more and more severe. When the fires strike again and again, we only have to learn from the pains and sum up the lessons of blood: on the one hand, to improve people's awareness of fire protection, on the other hand, to continuously strengthen the intelligence of smoke safety equipment. Minimize property damage and casualties. For the smoke alarm, everyone should be familiar with it, then can it shoulder the heavy responsibility of modern fire protection?

For a family, there are many reasons for fire: inadvertent use of fire, smoking, children playing with fire, aging of electrical equipment, and inadequate installation of electrical equipment. The fire brought serious disasters to the family, the financial loss of the lighter, and the personal injury of the heavy. But now the gospel has appeared, and the sharp security and development of the smoke alarm KR--WSD05, the appearance is simple and stylish, the installation does not require wiring, simple and convenient.

Its biggest feature is that you can know the security of your protected area in real time no matter where you are. Scan the QR code on the package, download the app, set up the user's basic information and the emergency contact phone. When the fire occurs in the house, send it to the mobile phone through the smoke alarm, let you deal with it in the first time, reduce the fire to the family. The loss brought. The breakthrough in distance perfectly solves the limitations of traditional wireless smoke control, providing a more reliable security solution for the diverse needs of more regions.

Home fire prevention is in the forefront, alarms are triggered instantly, remote alarms, independent linkage, safe and reliable, and are an indispensable part of family safety. It is not only used in smart home systems, but also in surveillance systems, smart hospitals, smart hotels, smart buildings, smart farming, etc. It is also a reliable and useful tool for fire accident prevention.

Fire and fire have come with human history and are problems that humans cannot solve for thousands of years. In ancient times, people loved and hated fire, and they feared it. With the development of the Internet of Things, there was a smoke alarm. The smoke was detected by the built-in photoelectric smoke sensor to detect the fire. When the smoke reached a certain concentration, During the 15-30 minute period before the open flame is generated, the alarm will emit a high-decibel sound and light alarm to alert the user. Kill the fire in the "germination" stage.