Do you know the technical parameters of carbon monoxide alarms?


Do you know the technical parameters of carbon monoxide […]

Do you know the technical parameters of carbon monoxide alarms?

Working voltage: main power: 220VAC, (50-60) HZ backup power: 24VAC (optional)

Working temperature: 0-40℃ Working humidity: (10-95)% RH Power consumption: ≤5W per channel

Detector input: four-wire combustible/toxic detector

Alarm mode: sound alarm: two different sounds: fault alarm and concentration alarm;

Light alarm: The power failure alarm, concentration alarm and detector failure alarm are displayed through the LED light-emitting diode.

Output signal: 4 channels of alarm relay output, no rated output of 5A, 250VAC/10A, 30VAC (Note: the outputs are all switch outputs) The first channel is a fixed pulse output (valve), and any channel of the detector alarms Will cause the relay to open the valve action. The remaining three channels are normal switch functions, and the number of detector alarm output channels corresponding to each relay is set.

Fault alarm: The system can display the short-circuit and open-circuit fault of the detector connection; the sensor fault; the system power supply fault, etc.

The gas detector has the characteristics of high detection accuracy, stable performance, reliable quality, strong anti-poisoning and anti-interference ability. It can detect flammable and explosive gases for a long time, and can also work in toxic and harmful environments for a long time. It can realize the function of remote communication to ensure that the alarm signal is sent out at the first scene and the trouble is eliminated in time. It can also be connected to other secondary instruments or DCS systems.